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Do I Have a Case if I Fell on the Sidewalk?

sidewalk accident

If you fall on a sidewalk and sustain personal injuries, then you may have a claim for compensation. In order for your case to be successful, you must be able to establish certain legal elements to establish… read more

How to Determine a Wrongful Death Claim

wrongful death

A wrongful death usually occurs when a person acts in neglect, negligence, or in a wrongful manner that results in the death of another person. In such a situation, a close family member of the deceased can… read more

Suing for Medical Malpractice in Illinois

medical malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a victim suffers harm as a result of negligence on the part of a doctor or other healthcare professional. Illinois, just like all the other states, has its own set of medical malpractice… read more

Who Is Liable After A Construction Accident?

construction accident

Construction sites often pose a lot of danger to people working there. There are many cases being reported almost every day of people getting injured in various construction sites. But who is responsible when a person gets… read more

Is My Elderly Loved One Being Abused?

Nursing home abuse and neglect has continued to rise in recent years. It has become a serious problem that affects thousands of people living in nursing homes. But why are these abuses on the rise? The truth… read more

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