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How to Tell if a Loved One Is Being Abused in a Nursing Home Facility

How to Tell if a Loved One Is Being Abused in a Nursing Home Facility

By Trapp & Geller

Trapp & Geller are professional attorneys who want to help you find justice in your family crisis. Sometimes, there are insidious evils going on right under the nose of the authorities without anything being done about it. We are Chicago nursing home lawyers who have experience helping people in many different kinds of situations. How can you tell if abuse is occurring?

If your loved one or relative is complaining of inappropriate contact from other residents or staff during social interaction, take it seriously!  If your loved one or relative is behaving unusually for their personality, take it seriously.  Unusual behavior could be a typically talkative resident being overly quiet, or a typically quiet resident being overly talkative.  Trapp & Geller want you to be aware that abuse does occur and that it is completely unacceptable.  Be aware of too much pushiness on the part of male staff or residents toward female residents.  This pushiness could easily translate into abuse if it is not quickly stopped.

If the nursing home resident is complaining to you about their situation, listen to them carefully.  Ask questions about what is bothering them.  If they seem uncomfortable to answer, immediately take it up with the administrator of the nursing home facility.  Something bad could be going on.  Having a professional alongside you during this process is crucial.  To make sure that residents’ rights are protected, you should speak with qualified attorneys like Trapp & Geller.

As Chicago nursing home lawyers, we want to hear from you and your family.  Do not try to handle an awkward situation on your own.  You might just be talked down by the abuser.  Instead, get a professional third party to handle the matter.  We are here to ensure our clients are totally satisfied with their legal experience with us.  Contact us today at (312) 368-1444.


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