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Loved One Injured in a Nursing Home? How to Pursue a Negligence Claim

Loved One Injured in a Nursing Home? How to Pursue a Negligence Claim

By Trapp & Geller

When you have a loved one living in a nursing home, you hope they are being cared for in the best possible way.  Unfortunately, that may not always be the case.  In many nursing homes, residents are neglected by staff or even injured or assaulted.  When this happens to your loved one, do not sit back and feel powerless.  Instead, do everything possible to pursue a negligence claim and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

To start this process, here are some points to remember:

Gather Evidence

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home, always begin your negligence claim by gathering as much evidence as possible.  For example, take photos of any visible injuries your loved one has, such as cuts or bruises.  Once you have this evidence, schedule a meeting with Trapp & Geller, Chicago nursing home lawyers you can trust to handle these important cases.

Document Everything

Along with taking photos of your loved one’s injuries, always make sure you document anything and everything you believe to be relevant to your negligence claim.  This can include such things as when various medications were to be given, what staff members were on duty at various times and in charge of caring for your loved one, and any meetings and discussions you have had with staff members, doctors, and/or administrators.  When pursuing a negligence claim, the more documentation you have, the better, so always have more than you think may be necessary.

Hire an Attorney

Since a nursing home’s administrators and staff will likely do everything possible to deny any wrongdoing in these situations, do not handle these situations alone.   To make sure your negligence claim is taken seriously and is ultimately successful, consult immediately with Trapp & Geller, Chicago nursing home lawyers you know will fight hard for the rights of your loved ones.


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