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Who Is Allowed to File a Compensation Claim for a Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

Who Is Allowed to File a Compensation Claim for a Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

By Trapp & Geller

In the State of Illinois, wrongful death is governed by the Wrongful Death Act, which allows family members of the victim to be compensated for the loss of consortium: lost income or other financial contribution that the deceased would have contributed to the household and subsequently would have benefited the family.  In addition, compensation could be sought for pain and suffering, bills related to medical care, funeral and burial expenses and to extend punishment to those responsible.

Family members eligible to seek economic relief are spouses and children.  Trapp & Geller could relay in detail who, next in line, is eligible to file the lawsuit. They can also help you comply with the two-year statute of limitations pursuant to Illinois residents for filing a lawsuit.

Once the matter has gone through the court system and a settlement for judgment has been reached, a judge will have to sign off on it.  The judge will determine how the settlement proceeds will be disbursed according to a nearest-of-kin relationship.

The stress of this situation is something that personal injury attorneys in Chicago from Trapp & Geller can remove.  Their 35 years of experience in helping families like yours will give you peace that this matter will be expertly handled.

The grief of losing a loved one is compounded by their loss of life due to an accident or the negligence of another party.  Trying to figure out what to do next while in a state of shock makes the bereaved vulnerable to missteps.  Trapp & Geller’s personal injury attorneys in Chicago know intimately how trying to make so many decisions at once can be overwhelming.  They have helped hundreds of clients whose family members have been impacted by injury and death get the compensation they deserve.


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