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When Could I Expect a Compensation Check After Filing an Accident Claim?

When Could I Expect a Compensation Check After Filing an Accident Claim?

By Trapp & Geller

After an accident, the next step will be to pursue compensation. Injuries that require continuous medical attention might put your finances at risk, and what will help you cater for most bills is fast compensation. Therefore, the dilemma you could be facing is how soon you will receive the compensation check after filing an accident claim. Consulting with Trapp & Geller Chicago IL accident lawyers will help you get the legal reality of personal injury claims and the possible time it will take to receive compensation after filing your case.

The moment you file an accident claim the duration from the time of filing to the time you receive a compensation check is dependent on the following:

Acceptance of the claim by the insurance company

How fast an accident claim is settled is highly dependent on the insurance company. When the insurance company accepts your claim receiving your compensation will often happen soon than expected. Working with Trapp & Geller Chicago IL accident lawyers in such a scenario will help ascertain that the compensation check you receive has factored in the seriousness of your injuries and other damages arising from your accident. When an insurance company accepts a claim most times between the duration of two to six weeks, you will receive your compensation check.

Denial of the claim by the insurance company

After an insurance company gains knowledge of your accident, they always have the option of accepting or denying the claim. If the claim is denied, then the next step is to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation. Litigation is a process; hence when you get your check is dependent on when the court enters judgment. Working with your Trapp & Geller attorney is, therefore, the best decision you can make. Your attorney will always work in your interest and ensure the right channels are used to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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