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4 Signs That You May Have a Medical Malpractice Case

4 Signs That You May Have a Medical Malpractice Case

By Trapp & Geller

The third leading cause of death in the US is preventable medical errors. Medical malpractice can be defined as negligence of a medical practitioner to take appropriate action or provide appropriate treatment, which later causes injury, harm, or death to a patient. Medical malpractice law comes to the rescue of patients to help them recover compensation for any error that resulted in injury.

Here are signs that indicate you may have a medical malpractice case:

1. A short-staffed medical facility: patients in an understaffed facility are likely to face medical errors. If you have ever been in an understaffed facility, you can bear witnesses that patients feel neglected. There is no one to attend to you at your point of need, which leads to substandard treatment.

2. A health practitioner who doesn’t follow up: It is the responsibility of a doctor to attend to any of your health concerns. If your concerns are ignored, such actions result in preventable harm or injury. A health care provider should take your interests seriously and recommend appropriate treatment options.

3. A medical error was made: If a medical error resulted in unwarranted pain, injury, or death of a loved one, you are encouraged to seek help from Chicago IL medical malpractice attorneys.

4. Wrong prescription: Sometimes, it’s hard to identify when an improper treatment is administered. However, some cases are self-explanatory. It doesn’t make sense to operate on a patient for a typical headache, but this occurs especially when medical practitioners want to make a kill from a patient. If you feel that treatment was unnecessary, it is prudent to consult Chicago IL medical malpractice attorneys. 

Why Should You Consult an Experienced Malpractice Attorney?

If you are represented by experienced medical malpractice attorneys such as Trapp & Geller, you are likely to obtain deserved compensation. Lawyers from Trapp & Geller are experienced in documentation, presenting detailed testimony, and representing clients in courtroom negotiations. Medical malpractice cases are technical; thus, you may get stranded if you decide to do it yourself.


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