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10 Signs You Might Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer

10 Signs You Might Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer

By Trapp & Geller

There are nearly 3 million workplace-related injuries a year in the US.

While some of these are the fault of an employee, many are due to negligence by employers or third parties. If you suffered an injury that causes financial or physical problems, you may need to call a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Some people who are injured think it’s maybe just a part of the job or that they’ll get over it.

Some employers will even tell you to just get over it and move on, rather than seeking damages.

If you’re confused as to whether or not you should seek a workers’ compensation lawyer, here are 10 reasons why you might need to get on the phone with one.

1. Denied Claim

If your claim was denied by your employer, you should consider contacting a lawyer. It’s not uncommon for a compensation claim to be denied and you have a right to an appeal.

Unemployment insurance companies have the right to deny ineligible claims.

However, they rely on claimants not applying for an appeal. An increasing number of claims are misclassified, which leads insurance carriers to deny the claim and save money.

If your claim is definitely within the boundaries of eligibility, this is a great reason to call up a workers’ compensation lawyer.

An experienced attorney knows how to deal with unfair denials and helps you shape a strong appeal.

2. Inadequate Medical Coverage

If your compensation package isn’t enough to cover the costs you incurred, you should look for legal representation. Companies will offer as low of a settlement as they can to save money in their budget.

Insurance companies will try to offer you a lump sum that looks appealing or can help you avoid a court battle. These sums will often fall short of medical fees.

A judge will need to sign an agreement you’re offered. They’ll only sign an agreement that you’re okay with. Be sure that you take time to consider any offer a company sends your way.

The best way to ensure that your agreement will suit your needs and meet all the costs of your unemployment is to contact an attorney. Avoid an inadequate settlement by contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer.

3. Injuries Keep You From Working

If your injuries prohibit you from working or keep you from performing your job 100%, you are eligible for compensation. It’s hard to return to your job if you were recently injured there.

If you’re comfortable returning but experiencing permanent disability, talk to an attorney.

Partial or total disability entitles you to compensation. If you were an employee in good standing and can’t do your job the way you used to, you might be entitled to payments.

Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer to get an idea of what you could be owed.

You might be eligible for payments that come on a weekly basis for a total disability. For a partial disability, you’ll more likely receive a lump sum.

4. Threats From Boss

It’s illegal for your boss to threaten to fire you or cut your hours if you’ve filed a claim.

If your boss finds out you’re planning on filing an appeal after a ruling and makes any kind of threat, they’re breaking the law.

Thankfully most employers know this, so even the most unsympathetic bosses won’t make this mistake.

There’s nothing more stressful at work than worrying about ways your own boss might retaliate against you after you’ve been injured.

If any kind of threat is made, even vaguely, consult a workers compensation lawyer. This is a rare case, but one that they’ll be well prepared for.

5. If A Third Party Is Involved

When a third party becomes part of a workers’ compensation suit, you might find the whole process is more complicated.

If another company was contracted out for construction on your office building and their negligence leads to injury, you’ll need help filing a suit.

This is more common than you might think. If you’re injured in the parking lot by a delivery truck, you’ll find your ability to work impaired but it can be hard to sort out the details of who is at fault.

You are entitled to worker’s compensation payments with the potential for a second lawsuit against the third party for personal injury,

6. It Affects Your Personal Life

If you’re a parent who coaches your kid’s soccer team and has to quit due to your work-related incident, you should talk to an attorney.

It’s common for life to be permanently or temporarily disrupted. Most people think this is just a part of life. They don’t realize that is a good reason for compensation.

If you’re unable to do things that used to make life worth living, a workers compensation lawyer can help.

Your injury shouldn’t turn your life upside down and your attorney knows that.

7. Filing Seems Daunting

If the process makes you worry about your job, you’re not alone. The confusion of emotions mixed with legal lingo can make your head spin.

When you’re not accustomed to these kinds of disruptions, a qualified lawyer can help.

A workers’ compensation attorney can make quick work of the paperwork required to file your claim. They will walk you through the process and help simplify it.

8. Wage Loss Is Too Great

For workers who were steadily climbing up the corporate ladder and who had dedicated years of service to their company, being out of commission is hard.

If you’re not unable to take that next big role, you might be up for compensation.

Your accident shouldn’t keep you from achieving career success. If it does, a qualified attorney can help advise you on your options

9. Your Injury Causes Another Accident

Sometimes an injury can cause impairments to nerves or slow your reaction times.

If you seemed okay to drive but then you couldn’t turn the car wheel or react quickly enough, you may cause an accident because of your injury.

Perhaps you’re a forklift driver who had a leg or foot injury. You meant to hit the brake at the right moment but instead, damage to your leg or foot led you into another accident.

These could be grounds for a workers’ compensation lawsuit.

10. It Affects Your Family

There are a lot of cases where your injuries affect your family. Perhaps your spouse is facing wage loss because of staying home to care for you.

You’ll need a workers’ compensation lawyer to help sort out whether your family can be compensated.

You could see childcare costs soar because of your need to attend physical therapy or doctor’s appointments. If these cause significant problems for you or your family, seek help from a workers compensation attorney

Finding A Great Workers Compensation Lawyer

It’s important to find a lawyer who cares about your well-being. Look at a lawyer’s testimonials, reviews, and past settlements to get an idea of what they can do for you.

Most lawyers won’t charge you until you reach a settlement. Contact us if you have any questions about fees or how to find the right lawyer to represent your case.

It’s important to find a lawyer who cares about your well-being. Look at a lawyer’s testimonials.


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