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Truck Accident: Sleeping Driver Crashes Into 13 Vehicles

Truck Accident: Sleeping Driver Crashes Into 13 Vehicles

By Trapp & Geller

On behalf of Jeremy Geller of Trapp & Geller posted in Truck Accidents on Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

Motorists on Illinois roads are often exposed to the dangers posed by fatigued operators of commercial trucks. One driver was so tired recently that he allegedly fell asleep while driving. He caused a truck accident that involved multiple vehicles and caused injuries to six people.

Police reports indicate that the early-morning accident occurred on the Stevenson Expressway. Reports state that the northbound lanes of the expressway were closed due to construction work, and a line of 13 stationary vehicles had formed as a result. A big rig, operated by the alleged sleeping driver, smashed into the stopped vehicles.

Police reported that six people were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and nine others refused treatment. Officials said the truck driver admitted to falling asleep while he was driving. Understandably, rear-end accidents that are caused by large trucks can cause severe injuries, even for those who initially felt they escaped unhurt. The whiplash effect that is commonly caused by the impact of such an accident may cause soft tissue injuries that sometimes only became apparent at a later stage.

Accident investigators will likely examine the driver’s logbook carefully to determine the number of hours he had been working prior to the accident. There are strict laws and regulations governing the required rest periods for drivers, and this may play an important part in any personal injury claims that may follow this Illinois truck accident. In addition to the driver, the registered owners of the truck, and/or the driver’s employers may also face claims for financial responsibility as a result of this incident.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Six Hospitalized After Trucker Falls Asleep, Crashes Into 13 Cars On Stevenson“, June 19, 2015


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