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How Do You Navigate a Day Care Center Child Injury Claim?

How Do You Navigate a Day Care Center Child Injury Claim?

By Trapp & Geller

On behalf of Jeremy Geller of Trapp & Geller posted in Child Injury on Thursday, August 6, 2015.

Many Illinois parents will likely admit to a feeling of concern each day that they drop off a child at daycare. Unfortunately, in some cases, those concerns are well-founded. Incidents of child injury and even deaths, at daycare facilities, do occur, and reports of such incidents only serve to underscore the potential risks of leaving one’s child at such a facility.

Circumstances that may cause risk to children include overcrowding, insufficient supervision, and distracted caregivers. Allowing children to play with toys that are not age-appropriate may have devastating consequences. Furthermore, staff members that were not properly screened could even be registered sex offenders without the knowledge of parents.

The 30 years of experience of the attorneys at Trapp & Geller has helped many families through difficult times after a child injury or worse by providing support and guidance throughout a personal injury or wrongful death claim. After establishing the cause of a daycare incident, we will examine the details of the injury, along with the long-term effects it may have on the life of an injured child. Future medical expenses will be reflected in the claimed recovery. We will also work with the insurance company to ensure any necessary medical care is not delayed until the conclusion of a civil claim.

If a child injury at a daycare facility caused the death of an Illinois child, the lawyers at Trapp & Geller will help assess the circumstances that led to the fatality and stand ready to initiate a wrongful death claim when warranted. We understand that monetary compensation can never fill the void or relieve the heartache. It may, however, ease the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses, end-of-life arrangements, and other financial losses. Holding negligent daycare facility owners accountable may also provide some form of relief.


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