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Driver Trapped Between Truck and Crane in Construction Accident

Driver Trapped Between Truck and Crane in Construction Accident

By Trapp & Geller

Construction workers, including commercial truck drivers in Illinois, have rights to safe working environments. Construction truck drivers rely on the owners of the trucks to carry out regular maintenance to ensure safe operation. It is not uncommon for a construction accident to involve a commercial truck that is not properly maintained.

A 63-year-old semi-truck driver was lucky to survive a construction site accident on a recent Wednesday morning. He reportedly arrived at a site at which a bridge is being replaced to deliver construction materials. He parked the rig on a slope and noticed the truck rolling forward after he had exited it. In an attempt to get back into the vehicle to prevent it from moving forward, he apparently became trapped between a crane and the heavy truck.

Officials reported that the man suffered severe injuries, and he was airlifted to a hospital. He was admitted to the intensive care unit, and his condition was reported to be stable at the time of the media report. It was reported that the truck will be examined by a commercial vehicle inspector to determine whether a defect may have caused the truck to roll forward. It is not clear whether the worker was an employee of the company doing the bridge construction, or whether he was employed by a separate trucking company. If the truck owner uses another company to service and maintain the truck, that company could face a claim for negligent maintenance or repairs concerning the truck, or if a mechanical defect is found, the truck manufacturer may be responsible.

Regardless, injured Illinois workers may pursue compensation for medical expenses suffered in construction accidents — or other workplace accidents — by filing for workers’ compensation benefits. If a third party is suspected to have been responsible for the accident, a worker may also have a viable third-party claim. Injured workers may choose to consult with an experienced construction accident attorney to assess the underlying circumstances and to determine what legal steps may be appropriate.

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