Chicago Wrist And Hand Injury Attorney

A hand or wrist injury can happen in several ways, such as when a person:

  • Tries to break a fall
  • Gets the hand jammed in the steering wheel during a crash
  • Repeats the same hand motions through computer work, meat slicing work or care giving work over and over, resulting in repetitive stress trauma

If a hand or wrist injury happens on the job, the injured worker may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, covering medical care as well as wage replacement for time off work. If a third party (not the employer) is responsible, there may be an opportunity to recover additional compensation through a third-party liability claim.

Navigating the financial aspects of the health care system along with the legal processes for filing injury claims or lawsuits is a job for an experienced personal injury attorney. Trapp & Geller in Chicago, with 30 years of experience, has helped injured people recover millions of dollars. Our lawyers are prepared to evaluate your case and plan a strategy for pursuing maximum available compensation for clients who have suffered:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Injured medicarpal joints
  • Navicular fractures
  • Ulnar fractures
  • Broken wrists
  • Broken hands
  • Broken fingers
  • Dislocated wrists
  • Torn tendons

You may require surgery for your hand or wrist injury. A surgeon may need to insert titanium screws. Recovery from your injury and from surgery will likely involve extensive physical therapy. You may be unable to work for months. For best results overall, get the best medical care available and get experienced legal counsel, the sooner the better.

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