Chicago Train Injury and Derailment Lawyers

Every day in Chicago and throughout the metro area and beyond, the public depends on our train system to provide safe, reliable transportation. We rightfully expect all who are responsible for safe operations of the trains to do their jobs with diligence and precision. When an accidental injury occurs in or around a train, train crossing or train station, it is important to discover how the accident happened. A detailed investigation is almost sure to occur after an accident involving

  • A Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train
  • Metra (the Northeast Illinois commuter rail system)
  • Amtrak
  • A commuter train
  • A freight train
  • A train crossing
  • Hazardous conditions in a train station

On the other hand, if you are the one who was injured, you cannot count on the government’s investigation to lead to a just outcome as you pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. For best results, it is important to get your own personal injury team to work as soon as possible. The sooner you enlist our help at Jamie M. Trapp & Associates, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you recover maximum available compensation for:

  • Medical costs associated with your neck or back injury; broken bones or head injury; or final treatments of a family member who died in a train accident
  • Lost wages due to inability to work because of your injuries or because your loved one was a breadwinner for the family
  • Pain and suffering and/or loss of companionship

It is also critical, if you are the one who was injured or lost a loved one, for you, your family, your doctors and your attorney to understand the nature of injuries and the losses incurred. A personal injury attorney on your side will drive the collection of data, testimony and other evidence that can lead to a successful injury claim or lawsuit, or wrongful death claim

Were Were You Injured In An Illinois Railroad Accident? Attorneys At Jamie M. Trapp Can Evaluate Your Case.

If you were injured because of a Chicago train injury caused by derailment, attorneys at our firm welcome your injury. Allow us to explain how we can help maximize your recovery of compensation. We offer free initial consultations and represent our clients on a contingent fee basis. This means we will not ask for attorneys’ fees until we deliver results for you. Contact us by sending an email message or calling 312-818-2591. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Chicago.