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Part of the aftermath of any serious personal injury that needs to be considered and accounted for when determining what level of compensation is appropriate is scarring and disfigurement. Serious injuries often leave visible evidence of having occurred.

Scarring and disfigurement can have a major impact on a person’s life. While the original injury may have healed, scarring and disfigurement can create a number of other issues such as:

  • Deterioration of physical health — Burn injuries, for example, can leave people with thin, inflexible skin that may be prone to tearing.
  • Emotional health — The impact of having to live with scarring or disfigurement can take an emotional toll.

When Scarring And Disfigurement Happen To A Child

When scarring or disfigurement happens to a child, the emotional impact can be extremely powerful. A child being forced to grow up with serious scarring or disfigurement may develop self esteem issues that can shape his or her life going forward. Those issues need to be dealt with and accounted for.

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At Trapp & Geller, we are committed to helping individuals who have been scarred or disfigured. We know how important it is for people to have access to the medical care and financial support that they need to be able to overcome these issues. For 30 years, our firm has been providing the exceptional personal injury representation people need after being seriously injured in an accident. We work with plastic surgeons to help our clients secure assessments of what options will work best. Let us help you find your path to recovering from your injuries.

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