Chicago Day Care Accident Lawyer

Few situations in life are more heart-wrenching than to witness the suffering of one’s child. If your young son or daughter suffered an accidental injury or abuse in a preschool or day care setting, our attorneys at Trapp & Geller understand the distress and confusion you may feel. We are prepared to provide strategic support for your family while preparing to file an injury claim or lawsuit.

When we investigate the circumstances of your child’s injury at a home day care or in a commercially operated day care facility, we may discover that the cause of the accident was:

  • Negligent supervision
  • Distraction of caregivers
  • Overcrowding
  • Use of toys and equipment that were not age-appropriate

The day care provider may not have had proper credentials. A caregiver may have had a record as a sex offender that was not discovered due to incomplete screening upon hiring. Whatever the ultimate cause of the injury or fatality in your child’s day care setting, our 30 years of experience can serve you well if we represent you. We are prepared to scrutinize every detail of your child’s potential recovery, such as:

Prognosis: Do doctors predict any long-term effect such as a growth stunt caused by a broken arm or leg? If so, this should be reflected in your settlement or verdict.
Medical care: Is your child covered by KidCare or some other health insurance? Complications in coverage or billing can cause unnecessary stress and obstacles after a day care injury, before a legal claim has been settled. We can help ensure that insurance issues do not cause any delay in getting your son or daughter the treatments and therapy that he or she needs in a timely manner.

If your child lost his or her life while in day care, we can help you get a guardian appointed for the estate in order to facilitate recovery of compensation for your family. No amount of money can relieve your heartache, but financial compensation can help you cope with losses as well as hold a negligent party accountable.


From our law offices in Chicago, Illinois, our child injury attorneys have helped many other families deal with losses due to preschool and day care accidents. Contact us today by email or by phone at 312-818-2591 to learn how our Chicago personal injury lawyers can help you pursue compensation.