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If your loved one has been injured due to nursing home abuse or neglect, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. Taking action can not only achieve justice and compensation for your loved one, but protect others from the same harmful treatment.

At Trapp & Geller, our attorneys are dedicated advocates for injured and abused elders in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois. Over more than 30 years, we have obtained many millions in compensation for clients who have suffered serious injuries and families who have lost loved ones due to injuries or wrongful death at nursing homes.

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When we place family members in nursing homes or long-term care centers, we expect the institution to care for their needs and protect them from harm. Sadly, in many cases, nursing homes fail in their obligations, and elderly residents are left to suffer serious injuries and even wrongful death.

Common examples of nursing home injuries include:

  • Bedsores (pressure sores, decubitus ulcers)
  • Restraint injuries
  • Malnutrition/dehydration
  • Medication errors
  • Nursing home slip-and-falls
  • Fractures and burns
  • Injuries caused by wandering off/elopement

In many cases, nursing home negligence is the result of cost-cutting measures or improper staffing. Nursing homes are unable or unwilling to hire enough staff members, leaving too few qualified staff members to care for residents.

Whatever the cause of nursing home neglect, the injuries cause elderly residents to live their days in pain and fear, when they should be enjoying peace and comfort and personal attention. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of the injured and obtaining fair and just compensation for our clients.


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