Construction Site Accidents

Construction work has one of the highest rates of workplace accidents. More than 4500 construction workers were killed on the job in 2015. While construction work is not only linked to employment fatalities, it also can result in severe accidents that can leave the worker disabled or with limited work prospects. Trapp and Geller is a leading construction accident law firm serving Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We prepared this guide to help injury victims and their families understand their rights.

Construction Accidents That Typically Result in Litigation

While many injuries can lead to a fatality or severe injury on construction sites, some of the more common accidents that often lead to litigation claims include:



Construction crews are often required to work on high beams, ladders, or lift systems when working on buildings. Falls from an extreme height can lead to head trauma, severe bodily injury and even death. While there are many safety options such as harnesses that are available to workers, there are still many unsafe sites where falls can more easily occur.


In construction worksites, there are often areas of exposed wiring or older areas where wiring has not been updated. Whether the construction worker is working on the electric portion of the job or not, they are at risk for accidental electrocution due to poor, damaged or exposed wiring on the site.

Exposure to Hazardous or Dangerous Materials

As shown by the dangers discovered from asbestos exposure, it is being found that many construction workers have been exposed to a variety of hazardous material while working on the job. Even with proper protocols in place many workers still suffer from respiratory disease from repeated exposure to dust from the materials.

Being Struck by an Object

Danger-construction-area-1With so many levels being worked on during a construction job, not only are their objects that may fall from heights overhead, but there will also be other large pieces moving up and down the building such as support beams and tools. If any of these materials become loose or the transport system fails in can lead to severe head trauma and even fatal injuries for workers who may be struck.

Vehicle Accidents

While primarily a workplace accident confined to road construction crews, they are no less damaging when they occur. While drivers are supposed to exercise safety when driving around construction zones, these rules are not always followed. Accidents on roadways often result in severe or fatal injuries to unprotected workers.

Equipment Injuries

Construction crews are required to use a multitude of tools on sites. They are often accidents related to injuries due to heavy equipment handling such as backhoes and excavators. Additionally, on a regular basis. Workers will be utilizing dangerous hand tools such as nail guns. These types of equipment lead to a higher risk of accidents with the operator as well as other workers around them.

If injured in a worksite related accident it is important for workers to seek legal counsel immediately. With possible long-term medical complications, a risk of disablement, and long-term difficulty finding work, it is important to get a settlement that will not only get a worker through their injuries but protect them in the future as well.