Construction Accident Causes and Why You Need a Lawyer

construction accidentAs anyone who has ever set foot on a construction site can attest, working in construction can be extremely dangerous. Due to the amount of heavy machinery and powerful equipment, the sheer number of people and the frequently unstable structures found on construction sites, they see their fair share of accidents and severe worker injuries. Here are just a few common causes of construction accidents:

Motorized Vehicles and Equipment

In addition to cars, trucks and vans traveling seemingly every which way, construction sites are often littered with bulldozers, cranes and other types of heavy motorized equipment. If someone who is operating one of these vehicles or machines stops paying attention to their surroundings for even just a split second, a serious accident could occur.

Structural Defects

The structures on construction sites are, by definition, still under construction. They do not yet have all their required safety measures and load-supporting implements built into them, leaving them prone to the occasional unexpected partial or total collapse.

Tripping and Falling or Slipping and Falling

Debris, liquids, tools and personal effects tend to be scattered all over most construction sites and are only infrequently cleaned up. With all these obstacles lying around, it is only a matter of time before at least one worker on the site slips or trips and falls down.

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